Who We Are

Sweet Harvest is a farm, food truck, bakery and catering company all in one? Yes, yes we are! Our home base and farm is in New Hartford, CT, but we are on wheels, baby!
Our commitment to local and sustainable food is unwavering. We take great care to find other farms and suppliers that share our standards. 

The Farm

We believe food is medicine and that quality matters, so much so that we started a farm to supply our family and yours with fresh, uncompromising dishes. We have egg layin' chickens, hogs, and edible plants, and we work with other farmers so we can make fresh, amazing things for you to eat.

Tom & Ami have been a team for 15 years, have two children, and work to build a life of love and nourishment to share with the world.


The food in France is amazing. Always fresh and local, not processed and just delicious! We brought that standard of quality back with us so you can taste it too!

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